Reports and Brochures

image of flyer

DDCE Playbook

This was a development flyer to briefly explain Division of Diversity and… Continue Reading

cover of insights

School Finance Adequacy: The State Role

“School Finance Adequacy” was developed as one of the policy briefs in… Continue Reading

DDCE_COVID_Report_April 2020_v3.4-1


Leslie wrote this report shortly after the pandemic shut down the UT… Continue Reading


DDCE Headlines

This card (roughly 5”x7”) was a quick review of highlights and accomplishments… Continue Reading

UTElementary foldout annual report-1

UT Elementary Foldout annual report

Through the years, we tried to make the UT Elementary School Annual… Continue Reading

cover of impact report

DDCE Impact Report 2008-2009

This was one of the early Division of Diversity and Community Engagement… Continue Reading

Saving Energy in Irrigation

Saving Energy in Irrigation was a partnership between New Mexico Water Resources… Continue Reading